Why admin specifically ignores me?

      Why admin specifically ignores me?

      Hello, admin (Sleip). You can explain reasons why you began to specifically ignore me and to pretend that I did not exist, although I know that you visited to a few sites where i sent you a message, besides several times, and you might have noticed them. I am very disappointed with your behavior, I specifically went to all sites where your profile exists (YouTube, Steam, Facebook, mydealz, lokal), but you persist keep not noticing me.

      Well, if you still pay attention to me, then i repeat a question - why you do not want to update map of the gun_store on your server NMRiH? I want to hear reasons, and when you explain, i ll understand and leave your site.
      This is MY personal reason

      I played the new Gun Store map and it is HARD - impossible - too many Fast Zombies all through the map at random times.

      The current gunstore map is difficult enough, unless you have a full server and players that know the secrets and tactics.

      I would guess on our server, the gunstore map is completed successfully to round 10 maybe 25% of the time with only 2 or 3 players

      On the new server map the completion rate is 0% - i never got past round 3.

      It is hard, relentless, difficult to fortify and impossible without a full dedicated, experienced team - which we never have.

      Most of our players are casual ones - online for bit of fun and off again.

      Also - the map may look better with improved textures, but on older computers it is really poor performance. My PC could barely keep up.