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    Server Information

    • The Hidden uses Arena rules, but pits a lone Spy (as the titular "Hidden") against everyone else on the server.
    • The lone Spy possesses some special abilities, such as increased health, jump height, and speed, as well as a longer Cloak duration and an area-of-effect "Scare!" (causing the enemies to be stunned, akin to the Boo! taunt from the Horseless Headless Horsemann).
    • The "Hidden" is cloaked at all times, apart from when attacking. The Cloak slowly drains, but is replenished if the Hidden makes a kill.
    Hidden features:
    • Increased health points for Hidden.
    • Increased movement speed for Hidden.
    • Increased jump height and distance for Hidden.
    • Reduced effectiveness of certain weapon effects against Hidden, e.g. fire, jarate, bleed.
    • Hidden is almost always cloaked. Except when attacking, pouncing, taking damage.
    • attack2 bind lets Hidden super-jump/pounce
    • reload bind lets Hidden stun team Iris players.
    Team Iris features:
    • Spys have been disabled.
    • Pyros have been disabled.
    • Heavys have been disabled.
    • Healthkits and ammo boxes have been blocked.
    • Sentry guns have been blocked.
    • Iris teammates can be seen with objective glow.
    • Hidden's killer gets to play as the Hidden next, or a random player is selected.
    Chat commands:
    • Map nominate: !nominate
    • Server list: !servers
    • Third person view: !tp
    • First person view: !fp
    • 30 minutes gameplay per map
    • End of map vote