Requesting unban - Davsto

    Requesting unban - Davsto

    My ban request: Requesting Ban For Davasto'
    Nickname: Davsto
    Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:30768357

    First of I'd like to say how sorry I am for this whole incident, and if I were to get unbanned at some point,I will promise that something like this will never happen again.

    The situation was that: Me, ghettofish, and a bunch of other people played on the server. Things got a bit heated between Me and ghettofish and things were said. Ghettofish ended up filing a ban on me, which lead to this explanation.

    I can't deny all of these accusation, but what I can say is that it was not for no reason. Ghettofish is in general a provocative and rude person, he even claimed that I make fun of people with cancer, which I can't see where he got that idea from. He claims that I said all of these things for no reason (even though I might have gone a little overboard with what I said) but that is not true. I would get some of the chat messages from the logs, but I can't seem to be able to find them there. He even got his friend "bigo ben" in on it which he claims to be his 'witness'.

    Overall; I am sorry for this whole event, which I regret and I'd undo it if I could. And if I were to be unbanned, I would be really gratefull and take this whole thing as a lesson and make sure it never repeats itself.

    Thank you.

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    CR4ZY wrote:

    I suggest you should find some screenshots which show the "truth". Otherwise we can't believe you.
    No proofs - no instant unban.

    I tried the chatlog system, in hlstats, but couldn't seem to find anything there.

    And I don't have any screenshots of the event, because I didn't expect to get banned, because it was both our fault.
    and he only showed socalled "quotes", how is that adequate proof to get me banned, but none of which I've said is valid?
    you are on chat log, its legit to ban you because you broke the rules, its in the chat log.
    if you now give us screenshots of him being rude i guess its a reason for the admins to ban him too but thats no unban reason, insultings are not tolerated.
    if someone insults you take screenshots, report him and he gets banned, dont do the same to him. If other guys break the rules you dont automaticly get the right to do this.
    I dont know if what you say is true, not implied i think your telling lies but you have nothing to proof, but in this case if what you say is true the other guy had luck.


    I am not an admin here everything what im saying is my opinion, its possible that the admins wont act like this.