4v4 PASS Time Draft Cup

      4v4 PASS Time Draft Cup

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      4v4 PASS Time and Fireside are hosting the inaugural 4v4 PASS Time Draft Cup on June 1st and 2nd! This heavily modified version of PASS Time creates a fast-paced and explosive sport that matches the energy of live sports, and it's further complimented by the plays performed by the best TF2 jumpers and demoknights. Viewers will be left in awe as the variety of strategies and emphasis on team coordination invites an electric viewing experience. Watching 4v4 PASS Time is akin to basketball: a clear objective of getting the ball in the hoop/goal. But there is no time for breaks as the small and compact layout of the maps keeps the action constant and neverending!

      The cup will feature the best players in the community, from winners of the most recent PASS Time Cup to those who have quickly moved up in the ranks. Bolstered by a $100 cup prize pool, players will be playing their hearts out for prestige and honor.

      The action starts this Saturday, June 1st, at 19:30 EDT | 16:30 PDT! Don't miss this exciting version of PASS Time!

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