req: ban for [U:1:198000143] - breaking map objectives

    req: ban for [U:1:198000143] - breaking map objectives

    nmo_fema at 21:20 to 21:40 CET 28/04/2018

    Multiple attempts constantly to break the map be hiding objective objects or putting them into inaccessible areas.

    He hid the welder at first stage,
    Then attempted to hide explosive canister where it could not be retrieved

    Then he tried to hold fuse to prevent Helicopter being summoned

    Then he tried to block door to stop objective carrier getting into final radio room

    Then he grabbed the refuelling hose to try and stop helicopter being summoned by running to the end of the map.

    He tried to block nearly every other stage but the team managed to block him getting to those objectives first and thwarted him

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