req: Ban for [U:1:160307942] - breaking map objectives

    req: Ban for [U:1:160307942] - breaking map objectives

    This guy - Sheldon Cooper - tried to break nmo_fema today 05/05/18

    He kept trying to take objectives and put them into an unreachable spot but we beat him most of the time.

    At the end he got the key and tried to put it behind the gate thus the map couldn't be finished
    He is carrying the key nmo_fema0011.jpg

    He has dropped it behind the gate
    Dropped behind gate nmo_fema0012.jpg
    Dropped behind gate nmo_fema0013.jpg
    Gloating nmo_fema0015.jpg

    We managed to retrieve the key and i finished the map

    Others cursing him nmo_fema0015.jpg
    Others cursing him nmo_fema0016.jpg

    His SteamID nmo_junction0000.jpg

    Earlier this morning he broke nmo_cleopas by putting 3 objectives behind a fence next to Samco supermarket, but i joined after he did that, when everyone was voting him out, so I didn't get proof then.

    Thank you again for such great servers!
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