Particle Mayhem Winners

      Particle Mayhem Winners

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      After a one hundred day event, 142 submissions, and a judging process that took the help of other scientists to keep the particles at bay, the Particle Mayhem group is ready to announce their winners!

      The organizers want to thank everyone who created particles and contributed to the event! The event would not have been possible without your creative minds! They also want to thank the entire Team Fortress 2 community for all the support given to the event, the staff, and the content creators who put the time in to submit entries!

      Now, without further ado, here are the Particle Mayhem winners!

           1st Place: Necrobombicon (Unusual Effect)
           By Cordial & Saint Lombax!

           2nd Place: Calming Cosmos (Taunt Unusual Effect)
           By Hex:Diarrhea, Galactic Yoshi, and FanCyy!

           3rd Place: Bright Ideas (Unusual Effect)
           By 9joao6, and RedMser!

      Congratulations to the winners! May your particles live on forever (and hopefully not consume us all in the process)!

      Be sure to check out the winners in the Particle Mayhem Steam Collection and the rest of the submissions in the submissions collection!