gunstore server players being votebanned.

      gunstore server players being votebanned.

      For the last 2 days - the NMRIH gunstore server is being barricaded - a group of players come in and vote others off, preventing users from playing.

      I tried to kick them, but the function doesn't work anymore
      [edit: i see why - some player back in October accused me of banning him for no reason.]

      UNBAN - HePi

      He lied - he was banned for repeated abuse of the map. I never perma-banned anyone except for the most repeated abusive behaviour. I earn with the /CHAT command, then if they persist I usually either slap them or silence them if they're spamming - then a 1-day or 1 week ban. I'm pretty sure i banned that guy for getting his friends and votekicking others off.

      They're back now and doing it again. Владимир Зеленск

      NMRIH is a PvE game - no opposing teams. So he's lying about scores - nobody cares as all humans are on one side. This isn't counterstrike or Battlefield

      I don't play for high scores - i play for supporting the team. Anyone online can attest that i'm not a scorehunter.