poLANd.tf Winter 2024 is here!

      poLANd.tf Winter 2024 is here!

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      Dzień dobry from Poland!

      With temperatures close to freezing, the temptation is high to stay inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea while wrapped in a cosy blanket – but low temperatures will not discourage Europe’s top Team Fortress 2 teams from competing at poLANd.tf 2024 in Łódź, Poland!

      The 6v6 tournament will feature 16 teams playing at BaseStack, bringing the European TF2 community together and warming players’ and spectators’ hearts everywhere when they clash in the server. It’s time to find out which team will rise to the top and claim both the coveted medals and the right to call themselves the best in Europe.

      The LAN will take place from Friday, February 23rd to Sunday, February 25th starting at 3 pm CET (9 am EST | 6 am PST) on each day. You can follow the action by tuning into EssentialsTF’s live coverage on Twitch.

      For more information visit the event’s Toornament page!

      Dziękuję, and see you soon!

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