Release Notes for 3/17/2016

      Release Notes for 3/17/2016

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      [MLG Columbus 2016]
      – Added MLG Columbus 2016 Team and Player Autograph Stickers, now available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds from sticker sales going to the players and organizations.
      – Stickers can be used as game pieces in the Columbus 2016 Fantasy Team Game and Pick’Em Challenge.

      – Added festive chickens.

      – Updated phong shader to apply envmap albedo tint that matches phong albedo tint and intensity values.
      – r_drawclipbrushes 3 now shows grenadeclip brushes.
      – “ignoremsg” console command behavior should now match the UI feedback it gives.

      – Bots can now fire the revolver.
      – Fixed a rare animation bug that would cause bot skeletons to become misaligned in some cases if they spawned with AI disabled.


      – Improved grenade clips on door frames.
      – Improved bot navigation.